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Jim Hendrix: Owner

Since 1999, we have become a well-known, respected, and established company based out of Berthoud, Colorado. Over the past ten years we have perfected the art of resurfacing. Our products are long lasting, durable, and of the highest quality. We take pride in the work we do and have set a standard for ourselves—quality, professionalism, and discount pricing. 

Now more than ever, the competition for prospective business is tough and demanding on property managers and owners. The hotel/motel/apartment and real estate industry is extremely competitive and only the most elite of properties will survive. The best of the best will lead in the ever-changing business world. Nu-Finish, Inc. will be there to see that all of your resurfacing needs are fulfilled.

Whether you have chips, scrapes, or burns in your countertops or years of use have diminished the shine of your bathtub, we have the products, skill, and experience to fulfill all of your resurfacing needs. The resurfacing process that we provide will update your property with modern colors and make your countertops and bathtubs look new. We can restore your hard surfaces to their original condition and beauty or change the look entirely.

The process of resurfacing is quick and allows you to avoid the high cost and inconvenience of replacement. Most jobs take only a few hours to complete with 24 to 48 hours of drying time; this can keep your operation running efficiently with minimal downtime, maximizing your profitability. Along with the cost of the job completed comes a 1 year warranty, (Ask for details). Discounts may be given for quantity work, or remodels.

As we have stated already we have a standard–quality, professionalism, and discount pricing. We are here to be of service to you and to do a job well-done. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call to receive a free estimate!